JUST IN: The 2017 MWQA Schedule!

Here is the schedule of groups who are

singing at the 2017 MWQA Convention!

(Please remember it is subject to change!)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — The Garms Family

12:40 — Homeward Bound Trio

1:05 — Victorymen

1:30 — The Chancellors

1:55 — Special Delivery

2:20 — Reconciled!

2:45 — The Loynachans

3:10 — Headin’ Home

3:35 — Hear by Faith

4:00 — Joyful Noyz

4:25 — Dinner Hour

6:00 — Liberty Belles

6:25 — Living Water

6:50 — Three Redeemed

7:15 — New Shoes

7:40 — Still Water

8:05 — Higher Power

8:30 — GOSPEL BLITZ! (Each group will sing one song during the Gospel Blitz.)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — Three Redeemed

12:40 — Living Water

1:05 — Shoal Creek Revival

1:30 — Higher Power

1:55 — Liberty Belles

2:20 — Still Water

2:45 — Headin’ Home

3:10 — Homeward Bound Trio

3:35 — Victorymen

4:00 — New Shoes

4:25 — The Loynachans

4:50 —  Special Delivery

5:15 — Dinner Hour

6:15 — The Garms Family

6:40 — 4 One Quartet

7:05 — Joyful Noyz

7:30 — Hear by Faith

7:55 — Reconciled!

8:20 — Crimson River

8:45 — The Chancellors

9:10— HYMN SING! (Join the groups in singing our favorite hymns!)

5 ways a quartet convention will make you smile

Have you ever attended a quartet convention? If not, you’re missing out! We can guarantee that you’ll crack a smile at the Midwest Quartet Convention in Des Moines, Iowa this October 6-7! Here’s how:

  1. THE GROUPS ARE CRAZY. Seriously. When you combine 19 quartets, trios, and family groups and put them under one roof, really random things show up in hallways, on banners, and on buses. Like the one time One Voice raided Still Water’s bus… 
  2. TALKS OVER DINNER ARE THE BEST. Food is available onsite at the Holiday Inn-Airport (can we hear a hooray for not having find a McDonald’s somewhere?), and it’s the perfect place to make new friends.
  3. THE EMCEE WAS A RADIO HOST, and he is hilarious. (Yep—he’s the one wearing the orange cone above.) Not only is Tom Brown a former quartet member, but he is a walking joke book. You’ll be smiling, if not down right laughing, at his Minnesota-Iowa digs.
  4. THERE ARE OLD SONGS AND NEW SONGS. All the groups like to mix up their selections: whether it’s a original tune or “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”, you’ll hear music that you love. 
  5. THE NEWS IS ALWAYS GOOD. Take a break from depressing news coverage and get refueled by the best news in the world: We sure are sinners, but Jesus Christ has wiped out our sins through His death and resurrection! Get the full scoop at the convention, and you’ll be glad you came!

Already planning to attend this year’s convention? Invite a friend for a day! It’s only $14 for general seating (you can’t even buy a CD for that price!) and you’ll get a full day of Gospel music! What are you waiting for?! Call (712) 623-6397 for your tickets or buy them at the door.

See you there!

The 2016 MWQA Schedule is here!


Here is the schedule of groups who will be

singing at the 2016 MWQA Convention!

(Please keep in mind that it is subject to change.)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — The Garms Family

12:40 — Special Delivery

1:05 — Victorymen

1:30 — Liberty Belles

1:55 — Hear by Faith

2:20 — Still Water

2:45 — Three Redeemed

3:10 — Crimson River

3:35 — Headin’ Home

4:00 — Joyful Noyz

4:25 — Dinner Hour

6:00 — Reconciled! Quartet

6:25 — New Shoes

6:50 — Chancellors Quartet

7:15 — Southern Faith

7:40 — Living Water

8:05 — Higher Power

8:30 — Gospel Blitz! (Stay tuned!)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — Living Water

12:40 — Joyful Noyz

1:05 — Reconciled! Quartet

1:30 — Higher Power

1:55 — New Shoes

2:20 — Headin’ Home

2:45 — 4 His Love

3:10 — Southern Faith

3:35 — Chancellors Quartet

4:00 — Victorymen

4:25 — 4 One Quartet

4:50 — Special Delivery

5:15 — Dinner Hour

6:15 — The Garms Family

6:40 — Hear by Faith

7:05 — Three Redeemed

7:30 — 4 One Quartet

7:55 — Liberty Belles

8:20 — Crimson River

8:45 — Still Water

9:10— 4 His Love

9:35— Finale!

The 2015 Convention Schedule!

MWQA 2015 Poster


Here is the schedule of groups who will be

singing at the 2015 MWQA Convention!

(Please keep in mind that it is subject to change.)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Liberty Belles

12:25 — Headin’ Home

12:50 — Hear by Faith

1:15 — Southern Faith

1:40 — Victorymen

2:30 — 4 One Quartet

2:55 — Reconciled

3:20 — Special Delivery

3:45 — 4 Told Quartet

4:00 — The Chancellors Quartet

5:00 — Dinner Hour

6:00 — The Garms Family

6:25 — Living Water

6:50 — Joyful Noyz

7:15 — Master’s Plan

7:40 — Crimson River

8:05 — New Shoes

8:30 — 4 His Love

8:55 — Still Water

9:20— Jeff Stice


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — 4 His Love

12:25 — New Shoes

12:50 — Crimson River

1:15 — Joyful Noyz

1:40 — Living Water

2:05 — Shoal Creek Revival

2:30 — Master’s Plan

2:55 — 4 Told Quartet

3:45 — Still Water

4:10 — Special Delivery

4:35 — Victorymen

5:00 — Dinner Hour

6:00 — The Garms Family

6:25 — Headin Home

6:50 — Liberty Belles

7:15 — Reconciled

7:40 — Hear by Faith

8:05 — Chancellors

8:30 — Southern Faith

8:55— Jeff Stice

10 things you need to know about the 2014 MWQA Convention

10 days left till the 2014 MWQA Convention begins!  Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for the weekend...

1. Over 20 groups from across the Midwest are gathering in Des Moines, IA.  Tour buses, RVs, passenger vans, and shuttle buses will be pulling in with licenses plates from Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, and Arkansas.  Each group brings their own unique sound, personality, and ministry, creating an exciting atmosphere to the weekend.

2. Holiday Inn – Airport is, like its name implies, near the Des Moines International Airport.  Are you needing directions?  Click this link to see exactly where the hotel is located and plan your travels accordingly.

3. You don’t have to leave the hotel to get a bite to eat — supper is going to be delicious!  Holiday Inn will be catering the evening meals.  Here’s the deal for supper: $15 dollars for a scrumptious dinner of baked ham/roast beef, cheesy potatoes au gratin, buttered corn, and coleslaw on Friday, and fried chicken/meat loaf, mashed potatoes with chicken gravy, tossed salad, and green beans on Saturday.  Both meals will include cookies, iced tea, and coffee.  The hotel also has a restaurant on site, so if you want to grab some food at any other time, you can…without driving off site.

4. There is a special prayer breakfast at 9 AM on Saturday morning.  A breakfast will be available for an additional cost and Jeff Stice will lead devotions.  Please make plans to join us for this special opportunity for Christian fellowship!

5. Don’t forget to bring your tickets! If you have ordered tickets online, make sure you print and bring along the tickets you received through your email.  You will receive a wristband for the weekend according to the tickets you purchased.  (No more fishing for your tickets to show to the ushers at the door!)

6. The schedule is available on the website.  But there will be a special program available at the convention, complete with a schedule, an artist listing, and photo gallery.  (Be sure to pick one up as a handy guide and souvenir!)

7. If you ever need a rest, you can just retire to your room at the Holiday Inn for a quick break.  There are other hotels in the area, but we specifically selected Holiday Inn – Airport for your convenience and comfort.  There are hotel packages still available and we would encourage you to take advantage of the great arrangement.

8. Invite a friend to come along! Have you been blessed by a MWQA convention in the past?  Share the experience with someone you know!  Events are always much more fun when shared with a friend or two.  Bring a neighbor, a best pal, or your grandkids and arrange a memorable, refreshing weekend.

9. If you like taking pictures, feel free to bring your camera!  (If you take pictures or video during the convention, please share them with us through email or our Facebook — we’d love to see them!)   Take some cash along for the convention program/schedule ($1.00 each) and CDs from your favorite groups.  If you get cold, pack a sweater; if you get hot, bring a paper fan.  And toting along a smile doesn’t hurt either! :)

10. You just never what’s going to happen!  From moments of hilarious spontaneity to tearful worship, each convention leaves both attendees and artists with special memories.  When you get people together who love Jesus and are just down-right crazy, anything is bound to happen — on stage and off!  Come prepared for the unexpected.