UPDATED: 2013 Convention Schedule!

Hey y’all!

It’s less than a month away till the 2013 Midwest Quartet Convention!  Excited? We are!  Preparations are underway to make this year’s convention a wonderful event, as well as big plans for 2014 (stay tuned for those details coming soon!).

But in the meantime, here is the event schedule for 2013.  If you don’t have your tickets yet, make sure you contact Judy at 573.228.0134 to order your tickets – they’re going fast!  We’d love for you to join us.

Friday Afternoon

12:00 – Chancellors Quartet
12:30 – Living Water Quartet
1:00 – Victorymen
1:30- New Shoes Quartet
2:00 – Master’s Plan
2:30 – Forgiven Quartet
3:00 – Shoal Creek Revival
3:30 – The Williamsons
4:00 – Faithfulmen Quartet

Friday Evening

6:00 – The Garms Family
6:25 – Headin’ Home Quartet
6:50 – Special Delivery
7:15 – Stillwater Quartet
7:40 – 4 His Love
8:05 – Reconciled Quartet
8:30 – 4-Told Quartet
8:55 – Liberty Belles
9:20 – Crimson River

Saturday Afternoon

12:00 – The Garms Family
12:30 – Special Delivery
1:00 – Liberty Belles
1:30 – 4 His Love
2:00 – Reconciled Quartet
2:30 – 4-Told Quartet
3:00 – Stillwater Quartet
3:30 – Headin’ Home Quartet
4:00 – Crimson River
4:30 – Presentation about the 2014 MWQA Convention

Saturday Evening

6:00 – Chancellors Quartet
6:25 – Forgiven Quartet
6:50 – Victorymen
7:15 – Shoal Creek Revival
7:40 – The Williamsons
8:05 – Master’s Plan
8:30 – Living Water
8:55 – New Shoes
9:20 – Faithfulmen Quartet

Several Things to Note

Hey Y’all!

This is Taylor, MWQA’s web administrator, with several changes of note:

  1. The ticket prices originally on the Convention page were inaccurate.  These prices have been updated to reflect the current pricing, as found on the MWQA flyer you might have picked up at a member group’s concert.  Apologies for the confusion!
  2. Speaking of tickets, we are unable to sell tickets online this year, but look for that advancement potentially coming for next year’s convention!  If you want to purchase tickets for this year, please visit the Convention page for ordering details.
  3. The contact form (on the Contact page) was not working properly, but is now fixed.  To those who might have contacted the MWQA within the past few months: Your emails have now been received and forwarded to the proper persons.  If you have not had a response back, please call President Gary directly at 641.660.0107.

We are looking forward to a great convention this year!  Please make plans to join us – we’d love to have you with us for a weekend of awesome music, wonderful fellowship, and praise to the Lord!

– Taylor for the Midwest Quartet Association

P.S. If you experience any difficulty during your visit here, please email me and I’ll be happy to help: taylor@lachelndesigns.com.

Meet Shoal Creek Revival!

Well, you’ve probably already meet most of Shoal Creek Revival before.  Here’s the exciting announcement from Dale McClung of MWQA member group, One Voice:

Big news for everyone!  One Voice has officially changed its name to Shoal Creek Revival!

Shoal Creek Revival

With the changes to the group this year, addition of a fourth guy making us a quartet, and several other groups going by the name One Voice in the Midwest, it was time to make the change.  Since we live near Shoal Creek and our goal is certainly Revival wherever we go, the name change was easy.  The new website is up – www.shoalcreekrevival.com , my new email address is found below, and the new Facebook page is up as well – https://www.facebook.com/ShoalCreekRevival.  We’ll be fully converting over to these in the next few days and the old website and Facebook pages will become idle.  Please make these changes to your contacts and go over and like the new Facebook page for us, too!

Dale McClung

Shoal Creek Revival

(816) 682-1449


Introducing the New Website!

Hello All!

Welcome to the freshly redesigned website of the Midwest Quartet Association!  It has been several months in the works, and we are thrilled to present it to you.  The site has several exciting new features – such as individual group pages and a photo gallery highlighting past conventions.  It provides easy accessibility to information about the association and convention.  Also, you can easily contact the MWQA through the simple contact form (try it out – we’d love to hear from you!).

We’re still working through several bugs in the system, so please bear with us as the new site is settled.  If you have any difficulties with the website, let us know.

Thank you for visiting and we pray that you would be abundantly blessed today and always!  Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MWQAC) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/MWQAC) to get the latest MWQA news.  Also, check here often for member group and association updates.

– The Midwest Quartet Association

P.S. We’d love to have you join us for Convention 2013 – here’s more information if you’re interested!