Meet Shoal Creek Revival!

Well, you’ve probably already meet most of Shoal Creek Revival before.  Here’s the exciting announcement from Dale McClung of MWQA member group, One Voice:

Big news for everyone!  One Voice has officially changed its name to Shoal Creek Revival!

Shoal Creek Revival

With the changes to the group this year, addition of a fourth guy making us a quartet, and several other groups going by the name One Voice in the Midwest, it was time to make the change.  Since we live near Shoal Creek and our goal is certainly Revival wherever we go, the name change was easy.  The new website is up – , my new email address is found below, and the new Facebook page is up as well –  We’ll be fully converting over to these in the next few days and the old website and Facebook pages will become idle.  Please make these changes to your contacts and go over and like the new Facebook page for us, too!

Dale McClung

Shoal Creek Revival

(816) 682-1449

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