Check out the 2018 MWQA Schedule

Here is the schedule of groups who are

singing at the 2018 MWQA Convention!

(Please remember it is subject to change!)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — Homeward Bound Trio

12:40 — Special Delivery

1:05 — Victorymen

1:30 — 4 One Quartet

1:55 — Liberty Belles

2:20 — Reconciled!

2:45 — Chancellors

3:10 — Loynachans

3:35 — Hear by Faith

4:00 — Stillwater

4:25 — Living Water

4:50 — Dinner Break

6:00 — Klassen Family

6:25 — Matt Carroll Family

6:50 — Headin’ Home

7:15 — Faithful Crossings

7:40 — New Shoes

8:05 — 4 One Quartet

8:30 — Joyful Noyz

8:55 — Crimson River

9:20 — Higher Power


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — Living Water

12:40 — Homeward Bound Trio

1:05 — Crimson River

1:30 — Higher Power

1:55 — Faithful Crossings

2:20 — Headin’ Home

2:45 — Joyful Noyz

3:10 — Victorymen

3:35 — New Shoes

4:00 — Loynachans

4:25 — Special Delivery

4:50 —  Dinner Break

6:00 — Klassen Family

6:25 — Matt Carroll Family

6:50 — Stillwater

7:15 — Hear by Faith

7:40 — Liberty Belles

8:05 — Reconciled!

8:30 — Chancellors



HYMN SING! (Join the groups in singing our favorite hymns!)

GOSPEL BLITZ! (Each group will sing one song during the Gospel Blitz.)

JUST IN: The 2017 MWQA Schedule!

Here is the schedule of groups who are

singing at the 2017 MWQA Convention!

(Please remember it is subject to change!)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — The Garms Family

12:40 — Homeward Bound Trio

1:05 — Victorymen

1:30 — The Chancellors

1:55 — Special Delivery

2:20 — Reconciled!

2:45 — The Loynachans

3:10 — Headin’ Home

3:35 — Hear by Faith

4:00 — Joyful Noyz

4:25 — Dinner Hour

6:00 — Liberty Belles

6:25 — Living Water

6:50 — Three Redeemed

7:15 — New Shoes

7:40 — Still Water

8:05 — Higher Power

8:30 — GOSPEL BLITZ! (Each group will sing one song during the Gospel Blitz.)


Each group gets 25 minutes per set

12:00 — Welcome and Opening

12:15 — Three Redeemed

12:40 — Living Water

1:05 — Shoal Creek Revival

1:30 — Higher Power

1:55 — Liberty Belles

2:20 — Still Water

2:45 — Headin’ Home

3:10 — Homeward Bound Trio

3:35 — Victorymen

4:00 — New Shoes

4:25 — The Loynachans

4:50 —  Special Delivery

5:15 — Dinner Hour

6:15 — The Garms Family

6:40 — 4 One Quartet

7:05 — Joyful Noyz

7:30 — Hear by Faith

7:55 — Reconciled!

8:20 — Crimson River

8:45 — The Chancellors

9:10— HYMN SING! (Join the groups in singing our favorite hymns!)

5 ways a quartet convention will make you smile

Have you ever attended a quartet convention? If not, you’re missing out! We can guarantee that you’ll crack a smile at the Midwest Quartet Convention in Des Moines, Iowa this October 6-7! Here’s how:

  1. THE GROUPS ARE CRAZY. Seriously. When you combine 19 quartets, trios, and family groups and put them under one roof, really random things show up in hallways, on banners, and on buses. Like the one time One Voice raided Still Water’s bus… 
  2. TALKS OVER DINNER ARE THE BEST. Food is available onsite at the Holiday Inn-Airport (can we hear a hooray for not having find a McDonald’s somewhere?), and it’s the perfect place to make new friends.
  3. THE EMCEE WAS A RADIO HOST, and he is hilarious. (Yep—he’s the one wearing the orange cone above.) Not only is Tom Brown a former quartet member, but he is a walking joke book. You’ll be smiling, if not down right laughing, at his Minnesota-Iowa digs.
  4. THERE ARE OLD SONGS AND NEW SONGS. All the groups like to mix up their selections: whether it’s a original tune or “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”, you’ll hear music that you love. 
  5. THE NEWS IS ALWAYS GOOD. Take a break from depressing news coverage and get refueled by the best news in the world: We sure are sinners, but Jesus Christ has wiped out our sins through His death and resurrection! Get the full scoop at the convention, and you’ll be glad you came!

Already planning to attend this year’s convention? Invite a friend for a day! It’s only $14 for general seating (you can’t even buy a CD for that price!) and you’ll get a full day of Gospel music! What are you waiting for?! Call (712) 623-6397 for your tickets or buy them at the door.

See you there!

Lots of news!

The 2014 MWQA Convention is right around the corner!  Do you have your tickets yet?

There are only 17 more days left till we celebrate our Lord Jesus in song and enjoy each other’s fellowship — aren’t you excited?!  The schedule has been put in place (yes, we will be posting it soon!), the convention program is in the works, and final preparations for the weekend are in full swing.

The Faithfulmen Quartet

The Faithfulmen Quartet

There will be new faces at the convention this year (keep reading!), as well as some absent groups.  The Marshalls and The Williamsons are unable to attend this year, so we will miss their powerful harmonies.  Also absent from the stage will be a faithful group, The Faithfulmen Quartet from Minnesota.  They have been singing together for over 17 years and the time has come to pursue other avenues of ministry.  We are sad to them go and their presence, music, and friendship will leave a void at the convention.  But we pray the Lord will bless them for their ministry and future endeavors!

The Victorymen

The Victorymen

The Victorymen welcomes Bruce Layman

The Victorymen from Oronogo, MO would like to announce the addition of their new lead singer, Bruce Layman. According to their press release: “Bruce is the newest member of the group, joining in May 2014.

Bruce Layman of The Victorymen

Bruce Layman of The Victorymen

He is no stranger to Gospel music and his strong powerful voice and testimony for the Lord will fit right in. He comes to us from the group Faithful Heart. We welcome and feel fortunate to have him as part of the group. Bruce resides in Joplin, Mo and attends church in Joplin when not out on the road.”

Christina Davis joins the Liberty Belles

Also, the Liberty Belles from Columbia, MO are excited to announce they have added a member to their group.

The Liberty Belles

The Liberty Belles

They have been searching for a third vocalist to complete their trio for over a year, and were happy to announce Christina Davis has joined the group.  Christina also hails from Missouri and adds her voice to the group’s pleasing blend.

Continuing the convention news…

As you probably heard, Jeff Stice will be attending this year’s convention.  How fun is that?  He will be sharing his piano skills each evening. Some other new groups that you will be introduced to included 4 One Quartet from Michigan, Southern Faith from Arkansas, and Reconciled Quartet from Red Oak, Iowa.

Reconciled Quartet

Reconciled Quartet

We are thrilled to welcome each new group and cannot wait to see how the Lord will use them!  There was word passing around that the talented Keepers of the Faith would be performing the Midwest Quartet Convention this year, but that information is false.  A complete schedule will be posted soon of all the groups that will — Lord-willing — be ministering.

In closing, we look forward to seeing YOU this year!  If you have any questions or comments about the convention, please feel free to get in touch with us.  God bless you!


Get to know Southern Faith!

Southern FaithThe Midwest Quartet Association is pleased to introduce to you, Southern Faith!  They have recently joined MWQA.  While more contact information will be coming soon, here is a short biography on this group from Arkansas:

The beautiful Ozark Mtns. of north central Arkansas, the breathtaking White River, and the majestic bluffs along its banks, all have something in common. They are home to Southern Faith.

Southern Faith is a dynamic mixed trio with sharp, crisp harmonies and a pleasing array of both contemporary and traditional southern gospel sounds. Although they work hard to accomplish their musical goals, their focus is evangelistic in nature. “We can sing until your ears fall off,” Wade explains, “but if lives aren’t changed, hearts aren’t touched, and souls aren’t saved, then we’ve accomplished little.”

The group, which was originally founded as a family trio, has been ministering for 10 years. However, Southern Faith currently consists of owner/manager and lead singer Wade Moser, his lovely wife Taffy, who sings mezzo soprano (men’s baritone), and tenor singer Jerry Stowe. Jerry’s beautiful wife, Angela, diligently works behind the scenes as both product and marketing manager. Willie Ming is the newest member of Southern Faith bringing with him an anointed gift at the piano unmatched in southern gospel music today!